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  • Profile image for Weymouth People


    Get the latest weather forecast for Saltash, and join in the conversation

    11 members

  • Profile image for Newshound007


    To tell the stories of the brave men and women saving those in peril on the sea

    7 members

  • Profile image for Newshound007

    Arts N Craft

    For everyone who likes making and buying things made out of leaves, ribbons, wood, knitting, anything at all we can get our hands on really!

    15 members

  • Profile image for Seamus_McC

    Weymouth Carnival

    All about the carnval

    25 members

  • Profile image for tony_murphy

    General Discussion

    Place where we can talk about general Weymouth stuff..

    63 members

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Buckland Ripers

Why I like Weymouth

It's nearby


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