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Hey - has anyone realized where that HS4B charity has gone??? You know the one - it was on Portland Road in Wyke and always had loads of cheap furniture outside and stuff!!! Well.. they disappeared a while ago and I thought that like half the business' in Weymouth they'd just gone under cos they couldnt pay the rent or something. THEN..... I was going to Argos to pick up some daft hair thing for 'The girlfriend' and lo and behold the old La Senza Shop is now THE NEW AND IMPROVED HS4B SHOP!!! It has improved as well - same friendly banter but a better layout and believe it or not - more stuff! I ended up with a couple of LPs, a pair of jeans for work & an assortment of bits and pieces - all for about six quid. Bargain!


By Locallad101 at 15:35 on 28/06/12

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    ooo must pay them a visit!!

    By SailGirl at 07:49 on 04/07/12

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    Hahaha... this is LAUGHABLE. Now that HS4B have moved to the town centre everyone is getting up in arms about it - check out some of the local websites!! Shop Keepers, councillors etc. It REALLY makes me laugh. Here's my list of:


    1. The Olympics - The council have spent a whopping amount of money on 'improving' the town. This includes ruining the pier & pavillion end of the town by erecting a phallus shaped viewing tower which blights the skyline and costs the earth for a VERY unfulfilling experience and destroying & effectively ending the lovely Brewers Quay shopping centre.

    2. The roads and continuous roadworks - Yay!! Just what Weymouth needs more chaos. Traffic lights where their used to be roundabouts which will be changed back to roundabouts after the olympics - lunacy! Dangerous, offputting to visitors and confusing for locals. Which brings me to...

    3. Shops shutting down... Abacus on Abbotsbury Road blamed the constant roadworks for ruining their trade and subsequently shut down after 25 years. Weymouth hi-fi is also gone. Some would say local businesses come and go as trends change and the internet offers so much but how do they explain Comets pulling out of the town and Millets also leaving? The council are only ever happy to support THEIR causes, THEIR supporters and will do whatever they can to defy logic and line their own pockets.

    4. Street lights being turned off - Weymouth and it's outlying areas are plagued by soaring crime rates and in some of the worst areas the local council think its a great idea to turn the street lights off at night!! Come on WPBC do you not read the local paper? Armed robbery in Wyke? Murder on Portland? Do these things in the constituency ring a bell??? or are you just two busy shutting down the town centre whilst the olympics are on.... oh and pulling the army away from their REAL job to provide the security for the sailing events... preposterous

    I could go on for SOOOOOOOOOOOO long but unless it's the two weeks before voting day I imagine that anything we say will fall on deaf ears. As far as i'm concerned local businesses who fill empty premises, offer good deals to locals and holidaymakers alike and don't think themselves above the rest of the town should be allowed to do an honest days work

    By Locallad101 at 15:01 on 19/07/12

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    I heard on Wessex FM that The Dining Room and a local councillor were complaining about this. It seems a shame because this charity seems to be trying to do good work. what is the problem then - are they putting loads of their furniture out on the street? is it an eyesore?

    By BucklandRiper at 07:07 on 20/07/12


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